Dedication Crew Annual w/ Cold Fusion & Jamie D, Dustin E, Fastcode, Soulreal (09/04/2015)

The Crack Fox // 1114 Olive St // Saint Louis
NO COVER // 21+ with a valid photo ID // SMOKING //  Doors at 9:00pm // Open until 2:30am

Some of the best selectors from the crew that helped keep Drum & Bass alive in St. Louis will be touching down at Love Hz this night. Get ready for the Dedication Crew takeover!

C O L D   F U S I O N   &   J A M I E   D
[Droidsong, Dedication Crew \\ St. Louis]

Cold Fusion & Jamie D are veterans of the Drum n' Bass scene going back almost 15 years. If you remember Virus Records on Delmar Ave in the Loop, then you know these dudes. Known for tech-influenced dancefloor jamz, these dudes are gonna bring a variety of robot panty-droppers. Don't miss this!

D U S T I N   E
[Soldermonster, Dedication Crew \\ Nashville]

Dustin E is one of the first St. Louis Drum & Bass producers to make a significant dent in the worldwide D&B scene. His style is uncompromising, with his productions embodying hardcore attitude by incorporating a unique flavor of brutal and overdriving breakbeats, sickly industrial-essque basslines and distorted atmospherics. As a producer, dj and promoter, Dustin has been instrumental in establishing one of the foremost D&B scenes west of the Mississippi. His talents behind the decks have garnered him impressive support slots alongside the likes of Fanu, Dylan, Dieselboy, Gein, and many others. His efforts culminated in one of the first Therapy Sessions in the United States, and proved to be St. Louis’s largest Drum & Bass event to date. His first release was in 2009 with a VIP remix of Enduser’s “Manoeuvre” on Soothsayer Recordings. Dustin has recently been dabbling into the world of DIY audio circuit design and circuit bending to create exclusive and original hardware and bent toys. After taking time off to hone his skills as a tattoo artist, Dustin E is back on the music scene with a vengeance.

[Dedication Crew, Love Hz Residency // St. Louis]

Saint Louis Drum & Bass veteran, Fastcode, will be laying down smooth and sexy tunes to warm up the floor. Whether it be soulful sounds or low end rollers, Fastcode is guaranteed to drop the selection that will keep you moving.

[Dedication Crew // St. Louis]

Brad is no stranger to the Love Hz crowd, having rocked the floor many times alongside Fastcode. Soulreal will be bringing his top notch selection and precise mixing skills, hitting the floor with everything from hard rollers to soulful jazzy numbers.



N O   C O V E R

The Crack Fox
1114 Olive St
St. Louis, MO 63101

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